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Tax Resolution

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Tax resolution is a process of finding a solution to your tax problems.    It is a system of having a tax professional, usually an Enrolled Agent, a CPA or a Tax Lawyer work with the IRS or the State to settle your tax problems.  

If your tax return has a lot of schedules or has some missing tax documents, the IRS or the State might initiate an audit.   Such audit seeks to verify if income and expenses are legitimate.  In most situations, the IRS might think you have not reported all of your income or perhaps claimed higher deductions.    Another common tax issue is if you have not file your tax returns for many years.   

Ultimately the problems tend to escalate to a point that outside help is needed to help you get back, avoid interest and penalties on taxes owed. 

The Accounting Group, LLC has the tools and experience to help you!!!

  1. Unfiled Tax Returns
  2. Audit Representation
  3. Transcript Analysis
  4. Tax Penalties and Interest
  5. Pay Back Taxes
  6. Offer and Compromise
  7. Non Collectible Debt
  8. Installment Agreement

We can help you resolve your tax issues.

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